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Patent Title: Doubly Compensated Pressure Transducer
Patent No.: US 6,877,379 B2
Date of Patent: April 12, 2005
The present invention relates to a compensated pressure transducer having a pressure transducer connected to a coarse temperature adjustment compensator and to a fine temperature adjustment compensator. The coarse temperature adjustment compensator includes an analog circuit and the fine temperature adjustment compensator includes a digital circuit. A pre-amplifier is connected between the pressure transducer and the fine temperature adjustment compensator.
Patent Title: System For Detecting and Compensating For Aerodynamic Instabilities in Turbo-Jet Engines Patent No.: US 6,871,487 B2 Date of Patent: March 29, 2005
The present invention relates to a system for detecting aerodynamic instabilities in a jet turbine engine having a pressure transducer mounted in the engine. The pressure transducer, welded to a circuit in signal communication with a controller, is adapted to send measured pressure readings from air in a combustion chamber to the controller. The controller, located in spaced apart relation from the engine, is adapted by software to detect pressure patterns from the pressure signals generated by the transducer that are indicative of a stall or surge. A series of fuel and air valves located with compression and combustion chambers of the engine are in signal communication with the controller. The controller in response to detecting pressure signals indicating a stall or surge is operative to signals in the valves to change the air flow, air angle, fuel flow or speed to reduce the possibility of a stall or surge.
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